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Question: Do you accept insurance?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I just come to the office when I need medical care?

Answer: Yes, we currently provide walk in visits during all of our business hours.  To avoid waiting, it may be easier to call ahead and get an approximate wait time.

Question: What kind of providers do you have on staff?

Answer: We have Board-Certified Family Medicine Physicians as well as physician assistants.

Question: How do I register to become a patient?

Answer: Phone our office or schedule an appointment now through this link:

FirstChoice Family Medicine Online Appointments

Question: Can you provide routine testing for prospective employees of my business?

Answer: Yes, with our corporate wellness program, you can schedule a physician visit in your office, or have your employees come into our offices for health care services.

Question: What kinds of illnesses do you treat?

Answer: As family practitioners, we treat illnesses of all kinds for all ages, including injuries resulting from an accident, childhood disorders and immunizations, as well as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. For illnesses requiring a specialist, we will refer you to a qualified specialist.

Question: What if I do not have health insurance?

Answer: We can still provide you with health services according to our very reasonable fee schedule.

Question: How can I view my medical records?

Answer: Log onto your account below.

>>Your Records Online<<

Question: What is our No-Show Policy?

Answer: When you schedule an appoinment we set aside enough time for the physician to provide you with the highest quality care. If you need to cancel and appointment please contact our office right away, and no later than the day before your scheduled appointment. This gives us time to schedule other patients who might need to see the physician.

Patients that do not show up for a scheduled appointment, and who have not contacted our office at least the day before the appointment, will be considered a No-Show and charged a $15.00 fee.

This fee is charged to the patient, not the insurance company, and is due at the time of the patient’s next office visit.

Patients with two No-Show visits will receive at letter with a copy of our No-Show policy.

We do realize circumstances can change at the last minute. If you were unable to make a scheduled appointment due to extenuating circumstances please contact our Practice Administrator at (443) 318-4141 who may be able to waive the No-Show fee.


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