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FirstChoice Family Medicine provides primary care for the entire family as well as urgent care. Our medical practitioners include board-certified physicians.

FirstChoice Family Medicine Advantages

  • Uninsured individuals: With many offices charging $225 for office visits, you’ll save more than half off prevailing rate for office visits in our area.
  • Individuals with Flexible Spending Accounts: These accounts typically require that you use the money during the year or lose the money. Why wait days or weeks to see a doctor? We can schedule an earlier appointment.
  • Individuals with High-Deductible Insurance and Health Savings Accounts: These accounts typically require that you meet a certain deductible before your insurance covers any expenses.  Why wait days to weeks to see a doctor and pay twice as much? Our appointments are cheaper and faster to acquire than appointments with most other doctors in the area.
  • Individuals with PPOs: You get great service with the easy access for your health care needs.

We address your health care needs quickly, in the convenience of our office, your office, your home, or even by phone or email. You get traditional access to medicine enabled by new technology.

You also get a stronger physician-patient connection through 24/7 online assess to your medical records.  This allows you to view diagnoses, immunizations and prescriptions as reported by our practice, track medical record updates made in real time and view and schedule appointments with our office.

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FirstChoice Family Medicine


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